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Tips and Tricks Sugar break-aways

The use of our break-aways is completely safe and is therefore a good alternative to real glass. However, there are some risks if used incorrectly. That is why you will find a variety of tips and tricks on this page. Please read them carefully and call or e-mail us if you have any questions. We do not accept any liability for the (incorrect) use of breakaway props

Smashing a bottle or breakaway?

Sometimes, in an action scene, a bottle is smashed in order to use it as a weapon. If you want to create the shape of the remaining bottle yourself, first apply transparent tape around the bottle. This can be done in the shape you more or less want to obtain when the bottom of the bottle has been smashed off. Once you have actually smashed the bottle, it will have the right shape. The tape is not visible during rapid movements, so this solution is perfect for all scenes, even on camera!
Glasscherven van suikerglas.

Can you smash a break-a-way on someone’s head?​

Fles van Suikerglas kapot op hoofd

The same principle applies here: you can, but be careful! When smashing a bottle on the back of someone’s head, use the body of the bottle and NOT the bottom. The bottom of the bottle is thicker than its side! Also, only use EMPTY bottles! Make sure not to touch the head with your hand because there may be sharp shards between your hand and the head.

Attention! Our breakaways should be used correctly by professionals after they have been clearly instructed on how to handle these products safely.

Christening a boat or ship using a breakaway?

Boats, ships and other vessels can also be christened without any problem. The bottle can be filled with a liquid of your choice, preferably water-based. When filling the bottle, please make sure that the liquid and bottle have a somewhat similar temperature. Sudden heat or cold can cause the product to change slightly in shape or size.
Also, please make sure that a mesh bag or something similar is wrapped around the bottle. If you tie the cord to the neck of the bottle only, there is a chance that the neck will break under the weight of the bottle and the liquid.


(Garden) table made of balsa wood. To be used as a stunt prop.

Smashing someone's head through a window?

Hoofd door auto-ruit van Suikerglas

Again, no problem, but our products must be used correctly by professionals. This is only possible after clear instructions have been given on how to handle these products safely.

I personally would have used a breakaway 🙂

Extra tips

  • No, “sugar glass” is NOT made of sugar and is therefore NOT intended for eating;
  • Sugar glass products can be stored at room temperature;
  • Unlike ordinary glass, sugar glass bottles products always have a so-called pouring seam. That’s because these items are poured into molds;
  • You will also always notice several bubbles in a close up on camera. These air bubbles make the “glass” fragile. We cannot escape that either;
  • Only use empty bottles to hit the back of the head;
  • Yes, you can color vases and the like yourself. Use a lacquer on WATERBASIS;
  • We can also pour bottles in other colors. Surcharge depends on the numbers. Price is from € 2.50 per bottle.

You have read the tips and tricks; ready to get started with breakaway's?

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